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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Raves: Personal Hygiene Edition

Some raves...

I bought Tom's of Maine Apricot deodorant at Target recently when they have been out of the Lady Speed Stick scent I've been using for years. I'm starting to wonder if it's discontinued. Many fragrances give me a headache, but I sweat enough that I appreciate having a little bit of coverup scent in my deodorant. I was thrilled to find the apricot Tom's deodorant. I'm not sure if it lasts as long as other options (the postpartum period can really tax an antiperspirant, in my personal experience) but it works fairly well and the scent is just light/strong enough to be pleasant and still hide BO. It's also made with different ingredients than your average stick, and I'm hopeful that might mean no more yellow stains on my light shirts.

I'm also really appreciating Always Infinity Pads these days. They are pricier than regular pads, but there have been some coupons for $3 or $4 off in the Proctor & Gamble brandsaver coupon inserts that make them comparable to other choices. These pads are supposed to be super-absorbant while being thin, a feature I appreciate in regular Always. But the thing that really distinguishes them for me is they are so much softer than regular Always. This is really important when you are extra sore after pushing a baby out, especially if you have tears that can be a side effect of spending almost no time pushing. 

The more comfortable pad surface is also really nice when one is forced to wear pads for weeks straight. That's right, women with no children, no tampons allowed during the weeks of bleeding after you have a baby. I'm really hoping that the excrutiating uterine massages my midwife performed will mean I'm done with that a lot sooner this time. In the meantime, I'm happy to have found Always Infinity pads. And did I mention they have wings? Essential for saving panties. 

That concludes this post of raves. I'm looking forward to sharing the toys that are keeping my toddler pleasantly occupied and other faves soon. We'll count this as contact with the outside world while I'm on maternity leave and not leaving the house as much as usual. Newborns can be tiring.

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