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Sunday, May 17, 2009


I became a mother when my daughter was born, and it rocked my world. In good ways and bad. The adjustment was greater than I'd realized. For better or for worse, it changed me in many ways. 

I'm now mothering twice as many children. I felt like a mother before, but in so many ways I feel like much more of a mother now. There's something about having to juggle the needs and wants of multiple children that requires special skills...and selflessness. 

Overall, things are going fairly well with our expanded family. I picked up some tips and tricks when we had our first needy infant, and while this guy's reflux may be every bit as bad if not worse than his sister's, we're armed with more ways to make him feel better. 

I'd forgotten just how much newborns sleep. Thank goodness. And this little guy is great about sleeping through his sister's tantrums. Maybe because he heard so many of them when he was growing in my belly. Quieter sounds like the clinking of blocks or the click of the walk-through baby gate startle him and wake him up, but a screaming toddler is nothing. 

So far, things are going fairly well...better than I'd expected. Sure, I'm exhausted, but not to the core like I remember last time. Cosleeping is a big part of being better rested. We try to put the baby in his bed for the beginning of the night and a nap or two, but when I want to sleep too, sleeping together makes us both happy. 

I'm fortunate to have my husband here helping me so far. When he goes back to work, and I'm dealing with a newborn and a cranky, nap-refusing toddler, well, it won't be too late to lose my mind. 

Baby is two weeks old today. It doesn't seem like it's been that long already, but time kept marching on while I was feeding him, changing diapers, and sleeping when I could. I'm trying so hard to appreciate him for the tiny little person that he is and not lose track of this special time. I was so tired and overwhelmed with his sister, the time went by in a blur. I know he'll be growing up before I know it.


wahm922 said...

I'm so happy for you - enjoy the journey, its completely different with two. And if you ask me its alot easier!

Hugs :)

greenkiddo said...

hey anne! thanks for leaving me a comment. I am trying to be better about blogging daily, so hopefully I can keep it up. Congrats on your new little one! He is precious!! How's it going with two? We are embarking the world of three this September. I am excited and nervous all at once! I hope Grace will adapt well... we will see!
Thanks for reading and keep in touch!