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Friday, May 22, 2009

Itty bitty cloth diapers

First cloth diaper at 15 days old. Premie prefold under XS Thirsties cover.

I ordered some premie prefolds, thinking they would make good doublers and inserts if they were too small to use as prefold diapers, or if I couldn't get the hang of folding them. When they arrived, I didn't think we could possibly use such tiny prefolds and thought we'd go straight into the infant size. Then I prepped them and they got smaller as they shrank and waffled up. No way would these work. Then I had this 7 lb 6 oz baby with a tiny, tiny bottom. And premie prefolds fit him just fine. And that teeny XS cover is plenty big on him. 

16 days old, wearing a one-size fitted with no cover. Next several frames are of a screaming baby who wondered why Mommy kept pointing the camera and clicking instead of picking him up.

I was pleasantly surprised that some of my one-size fitted diapers fit the little guy in the smallest snap setting. They are a lot bulkier than other options, but are fine for hanging out at home. Especially for hanging out without a cover. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough to cure the nasty diaper rash that had started before I put him in cloth, and he's back in sposies with various creams on his bum until it's cleared up.

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My Love Bug Kids said...

HI Anne- It's Jen (Mama*Jen) from March 07. Congrats on your new little man! He's adorable. I hope you all are doing well, getting some sleep and plenty of snuggle time with the new baby.