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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Woot Woot...and Shoes!

I love my deal-a-day sites like Woot: One Day, One Deal.. They've expanded their offerings to include subcategories, including my personal favorite, Kids.Woot: One Day, You'll Understand.

For a wider selection of items to choose from, these days I'm turning to my favorite online shoe source as we think about sandals for the kids and extra extra wide sneakers for my husband. We've gotten Keens there in the past, because their coupon codes don't exclude them like some other sites do. Shipping to you is free and return shipping for items that don't fit or just don't work for you is free as well. Here's a coupon code for you, and as always, I really appreciate it if you buy through my link! $5 off any order of $50 or more at plus Free Shipping! Simply enter 'BUY5' at checkout to redeem.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What a stitch!

Some of those annoying stitches finally came out yesterday. That figures, right before my second post-op visit when the doc can remove them, right? WRONG. Thank goodness those three came out, because the doctor said he couldn't do anything about the ones that are remaining. I have to wait for them to dissolve on their own. Bah.

The good news is that I can breathe much better now! The doc vacuumed the last of the packing and some scabs and other yuck out of my nose. I no longer feel like I'm trying to breathe through a straw, and things should continue to improve over the next few weeks. Yay!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Is that a monster nose hair or did you just have a septoplasty??

Two and a half weeks post-op, I still have "dissolvable" stitches in my left nostril. They are far less annoying than the huge plastic splints that were in my nose for the first week, but I've been looking forward to them dissolving since the splints were removed.

At best, the stitches are pokey with a light glazing of nose crud. At worst, they anchor massive amounts of dried crud to the sensitive, still-healing skin inside my nose. Have you ever hand-dipped wax candles? The layers of wax build up to make something larger. That's what these stitches remind me of.

To make matters worse, perhaps they've loosened a bit, because I don't remember them being quite this low. I'm tempted to take scissors and snip the ends...they are that accessible. I'll be having my second post-op checkup soon and cannot wait to have the rest of the surgery leftovers removed from my nose.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Crib Bedding Steal!

I don't need any crib bedding, but if you or someone you know does, check out this amazing deal on a 4-piece set. Avon has a pink set and a yellow set from Tiny Tillia on clearance for only $35! I love versatile dot and stripe pieces like the crib sheet and skirt in this set.

You can buy this from my wonderful Avon lady through this link:  At this price, there's no telling how long it will last!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hello out there!

Hi! It's been a long time, but I'm determined to get back on the blogging wagon. There are so many things that have happened lately where I've been googling to find others' experiences, and I want to get back to my original goal of writing blog posts that I would have appreciated finding when I was looking for information on something, plus some cute and fun stuff too.

Violet just turned five, and Gator will be three soon. My babies are getting further and further from the "baby" stage every day.

I've been crocheting a lot lately and finding it a great source of stress relief. Stress was high recently as I prepared to have surgery and get everything in order before I was taken out of commission, including throwing a birthday party at our house days before surgery. I scoured the 'net for information on recovery from a septoplasty and I'll add some of my own to that. I'm finally starting to feel more normal. Nose surgery is not easy when you have kids that keep bringing colds home! I love them, but they are little germ incubators.