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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hello out there!

Hi! It's been a long time, but I'm determined to get back on the blogging wagon. There are so many things that have happened lately where I've been googling to find others' experiences, and I want to get back to my original goal of writing blog posts that I would have appreciated finding when I was looking for information on something, plus some cute and fun stuff too.

Violet just turned five, and Gator will be three soon. My babies are getting further and further from the "baby" stage every day.

I've been crocheting a lot lately and finding it a great source of stress relief. Stress was high recently as I prepared to have surgery and get everything in order before I was taken out of commission, including throwing a birthday party at our house days before surgery. I scoured the 'net for information on recovery from a septoplasty and I'll add some of my own to that. I'm finally starting to feel more normal. Nose surgery is not easy when you have kids that keep bringing colds home! I love them, but they are little germ incubators.

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