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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My baby and her baby (and our baby)

I just finished nursing the baby on my bed, with Violet hanging out there with her baby. While I was nursing Gator, big sis kept covering him up with "blankets" (burp cloths and a cloth wipe). Then she'd take them off and use them for HER baby. She tried to burp baby brother while he was nursing, then focused her attention on her baby.

Baby got burped, rocked, shushed, nursed, etc. Violet even told herself to be gentle touching her baby. I wish I'd had a camera in reach to capture the sweet way she was mothering her baby, all bundled up with "blankets" and a burp rag. 

We had a discussion about the baby...the plastic one. Apparently baby's name is "Two" and she's now a boy. Both may change with time. She was calling her toy baby by her brother's name a moment ago.

Toy baby is resting on the bed, snuggled in a receiving blanket, her (his) head on the cloth diaper that used to be under her spit-up-prone brother's head. 

Baby Two and some funky flash lighting

Mothering the real baby

Now both kids are leaning against a pillow. She's watching Clifford. He's watching her. On Clifford, a girl is dealing with her new baby brother getting all the attention. My little girl is captivated by it at the moment. That might not be such a bad thing.  She's winding down, good since she skipped a nap and needed downtime. She has her arm around her baby brother and tries to calm him when he gets fussy. Awwww......

Couch Bed potato

I grabbed my camera and laptop to document this sweet moment before my sleep-deprived mind forgot it. Time for me to go, since Gator isn't finding anything he can nurse off of on his sister, and her well-meaning but slightly misguided soothing attempts are only going so far.

Hopefully rooting around her overalls...

And having no success.

(pictures added 5/31)

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