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Saturday, May 23, 2009


I received my Free Sample of Huggies Pure & Natural Diapers this past week. It included three diapers, which the little guy is still a little small for, and a $3 off coupon. There are $3 off coupons for these on and newspaper inserts as well. 

So I went to the store to find out just how much one pays for fragrance-free hypoallergenic disposable diapers made with organic cotton. Even with my $3 off coupon, they are kind of pricey if your little one is doing fine with regular Huggies. Until I realized the $3 off coupons on the packages were TARGET coupons and not manufacturer's coupons. Stacking the Target coupon with my manu. coupon saved me $6, so we got a package for my toddler to try.

Now if only Huggies fit my little man better. His sensitive skin could benefit from these diapers right now. But Huggies seem to be made for babies with much larger thighs than he has. He may chunk up as time goes on.  As it is, I can use Huggies Gentle Care newborn sized diapers on him if I'm really careful to overlap the tabs just right so the legs aren't too loose. Which means he only wears them when I feel semi-rested and he's not going to be anywhere that an explosion would be too devastating. 

At Target, they only had larger packs of Pure & Natural Huggies that are about the size of a pack and a half of other diapers. There were 46 in my package of 4s that retailed for $17 something. I'm used to paying around $10 before coupons for around 30...but I ALWAYS have a coupon if I'm buying Huggies. 

Mega-pee holding Pampers Cruisers are our go-to overnight diaper for the VB, even when we're doing cloth during the day. We've been using Target brand diapers (now called Up & Up) during the day, plus Huggies and other brands when I have a really good coupon or am stacking Target and manufacturer's coupons to make them the same price as generics. She HAD to have Pampers Swaddlers then Cruisers when she was younger, but now that she is firmly into toddlerhood, the diaper brand doesn't seem to make as much difference unless she's going to be in it a long time, like overnight. 

She's been in sposies for a while since Mommy's been busy prepping for baby, exhausted, having a baby, caring for a baby, and did I mention exhausted? She's also showing renewed interest in potty learning at a time when it's honestly easier to have her in a diaper. Hopefully she'll potty train this summer.

In the meantime, sitting on the potty can be fun, but it's more about hanging out than using it for its intended purpose. She's figured out that saying she wants to use the potty is a GREAT way to stall bedtime. Because of course we'll put her on the potty if she asks out of the blue, when she usually refuses to consider it if we bring it up...

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