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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Two months old

Smiling at his mobile today.

Gator is most definitely a growing boy. At his two month checkup yesterday, he weighed 12 lb., 12 oz. and was 24 inches long. Even the largest of his 0-3 month onesies have to be really stretched to snap, and the smaller ones are long outgrown. He was wearing mostly 3-6 month clothing for much of June. 

We're seeing more and more smiles and coos and even the occassional giggle. He likes having his feet tickled and will coo conversationally if he's in a good mood. The safari animal mobile that his sister adored recently started fascinating him as well. He enjoys that, the aquarium soother, and a soft mirror with a rattle and other things attached when he is hanging out in his crib. It keeps him happy for a little while so I can focus on other things for 10 or even 15 minutes.

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