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Friday, July 17, 2009

Blame it on the cat.

Not guilty.

Violet likes to announce one someone farts (or has gas, depending on which word appeals to her at the moment). There are people in her life who do this more than others, and she often pipes up that so-and-so farts too when she hears her baby brother making noise with his rear end. 

So, hypothetically, Violet was sitting in the bathroom with company from someone we'll call "Mommy" when Mommy uncharacteristically let one rip. At the exact moment the cat came to visit. Said cat has been known to have some stinky farts, but they're the silent but deadly kind. Nonetheless, my little girl immediately announced "[CatName] farted. He had gas." And so on. It's never a brief remark about something as exciting as gas or poop. (It's super exciting when Gator poops. Which, lucky Violet, is something he does a whole lot, because he's a newborn!)

This is why I'm so desperate for adult conversation sometimes. I just have to remember that not everyone discusses peepee and poopy all the time. Thank goodness some of my friends are moms who won't look at me funny if a poop comment slips out.

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