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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Painted Piggies

I painted our toenails during Violet's long sit on the potty last week. It was a good incentive to keep her content, and she thinks it's pretty neat that our toes match. 

These are the flip-flops handed down by a neighbor. I'm not a fan of them for young kids, but she's thrilled to wear them around the house, where she also wears my flip-flops any chance she gets. The girl is all about footwear. After months of being great about putting matching shoes on the correct feet, now she deliberately chooses different shoes for each foot. It makes getting ready to leave the house even more interesting.

As for the potty learning...she is so close but seems to be scared or confused about actually going on the potty. She did a few little trickles the night we painted toes, and I think she may have stopped herself when she felt it happening. She gets really frustrated by being on the cusp of figuring anything out, and this is no exception. She's frustrated by going in her diaper and frustrated by trying to go on the potty. Fun times.

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