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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Turn Turn Turn

Gator really surprised me yesterday morning. I put him down on a fun quilt (thanks, Barb!) for some tummy time. His sister loves to look at all the animals and talk about them. Gator, well, he had other things on his mind. He quickly shifted so he could watch the Tour of France (the jerseys with interesting colors intrigue him).

He rolled from his belly to his back! I thought maybe it was a fluke where he happened to move in the right way at the right time, but he did it again for my mom that afternoon. 

Someone tell this kid he doesn't need to be in quite such a big hurry to grow up! We can't believe his gross motor skills. Violet was pretty early with these things as well, but he has her beat so far by rolling over at 2 months, 3 weeks. She learned back to belly first, I think around 3.5 months. I'm not sure way most babies learn to roll first.

By the way, he's wearing a onesie decorated by my cousin at his sister's baby shower. We have a fun variety of hand-decorated onesies. They make great nightwear for warm summer nights and I think of the people who made them as I dress my babies in them.

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