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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Walk like a man...

My sweet baby Gator is now walking at least as much as he crawls. He's so proud of himself and fearless in his efforts and I can't help but share his excitement.

A fringe benefit of this acheivement is that he is still a slow, wobbly walker, which is a stark contrast to the turbo crawl he's perfected. I don't have to rush quite as fast to get him away from, say, the cat food dish or his sister's potty chair, unless he drops to a crawl. He'll often notice I'm coming after him and gleefully sprint on all fours.

I know he'll be running on two legs before I know it. I'm trying to enjoy this short-lived wobbly walker phase while it lasts. With my second child, I understand so much better just how fleeting some off these baby stages are. My snuggly mama's boy will be running off on his own adventures soon enough.

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