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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Recent knitting (and Gator the frogger)

This is my primary project at the moment. I was intrigued by a neckwrap pattern in brioche rib and decided to learn it. I was lost after reading a few ways of writing the pattern out, but after watching a video on youtube several times, I got a satisfactory result. I'd love to try this pattern with the right yarn. Which would be something a lot bulkier than what I have, and a color variation that works well with the stitch.

I love having a project that is easy to pick up and put back down after a row or two if needed, or even put down mid-row when needed, without horribly messing up the project.  I've messed up the stitch in several places when loops slipped off my needle, etc. and I haven't figured out how to get them back on correctly. With the exception of one spot where I got really mixed up, the mistakes are small and show it's handmade. If I wanted something flawless and uniform, I could buy something made by a machine. At least that's what I tell myself when it's too late to easily fix a mistake.

My sweet little boy LOVES to play with my yarn. And socks, his sister's leggings, and other things he can hold with both hands and raise above his head, behind his head, and wave all around. One of the wonderful things about using circular needles when you're not knitting i the round is all that extra cable to scrunch your project down on in case a little frogger gets ahold of it. Gator was having so much fun with this colorful yarn that I grabbed my camera instead of stopping him when he grabbed my yarn yet again. After a lot of detangling, my yarn is neatly wrapped into a much less tempting ball, and I have some very cute pictures of my little guy. One happens to show the work in progress, so I can show it to you here.

Gator did get his hands on an embossed heart square I knitted on Valentine's Day and hadn't tied off yet. I don't care how you're supposed to do it...I have to put knots in when I finish a project with the little undoers that live here. It's a good thing I wasn't all that excited by that project when I was done, because he ripped out enough of it that it was a lost cause.

Violet hasn't really frogged a project yet, but she likes to pretend she's a frog. She jumps around and says "RIBBIT! RIBBIT!" and yes, I'm using caps to yell, because she does.

Anyhow, one of the reasons I started this blog post...I just found patterns for alligator scarves and I will have to knit one for my Gator to wear when he is older. He doesn't have much of a neck now, so I have a year or two. Maybe I'll purchase the pattern and work on it over the summer. Or next year. Or sometime when I have time to tackle something complicated. Thanks to Ravelry, I have some ideas for which yarns to use and not use and a few pattern modifications I might want to make.

Gator in a gator scarf. I think it will be so cute! He has just enough gator stuff for it to be fun without getting old.

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Lindsey said...

love the gator scarf! did you see the mittens that match?