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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Melissa & Doug Deals!

Some of you know how much we love Melissa & Doug toys. A friend just alerted me that currently has their play kitchen at a significant discount! It's usually $250, but right now it's almost $100 off, and you get free shipping! There's no telling how long Amazon will keep it at this low price, so if you are thinking of getting one of these for Christmas and can swing the purchase now, I'd go for it!

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This play kitchen doesn't come with accessories, but you can add your own play food and accessories from M&D or whomever you like. The pots and pans are pretty cute, but I'm really a fan of the sandwich-making set. Maybe this year Santa will get that for Violet...she's played with it at a store and loves it!

Ooh, Amazon seems to have almost everything M&D on sale right now! Including these magnetic dress-up dolls that I hadn't seen before. Violet LOVES the one she has, and this includes two girls to mix and match. I wonder if I could use these as a potty-training bribe. One more piece of clothing for each time she uses the potty? Or would it be yet another failed bribe that got her interest but didn't produce results...

Two dolls in one set! And our beloved "Joey Man"

P.S. Not a M&D fan or just looking for something else? I love the look of this red play kitchen, and it's currently $25 less than the M&D, and seems to come with accessories. Please read the description and reviews more carefully than I just did before making your final decision ;) KidKraft Red Vintage Kitchen

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