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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Joey Man in his skivvies, or not

We love Melissa & Dougproducts. They are quality toys that encourage children to think in creative ways. There's also something nice about a wooden puzzle or toy in a plastic world.

Violet's latest M&D is the Joey magnetic dress-up doll. I purchased it before Gator was born and hid it away for the big sister to play with later. During the first few weeks he was home, "Joey Man" was played with quite a bit while I was nursing the baby. He still provides a lot of imaginative play.

Joey's outfits include police officer, fire man, construction worker, pirate, knight, and superhero.  The pieces mix and match for some rather interesting combinations. He has hats, shirts, pants, and shoes. 

There are several variations on the magnetic doll, including a princess, ballerina, and girl. I really liked the variety of outfits Joey provided. My daughter wasn't limited to different princess or ballerina outfits...her man can be any number of things. And I'm the kind of mom who would rather buy a boy doll than  princess doll for her daughter when princesses have not yet been requested. At $10-$13 a set, often with free shipping, we can always add a magnetic girl to the collection too.



Mal said...

We love these too! They are an awesome toy for car trips

Lindsey said...

I love M&D toys but am sad they are made in China.