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Saturday, June 20, 2009

She picks THIS to be proud of...

Short story: 

As my little girl excitedly told her grandpa on the phone, "I went poopy!"

Long story:

Violet was playing happily and imaginatively with her Little People, rubber duckies, and other menagerie while I took a little break to feed Gator in the other room. She came down the hall, saying, "I went poopy. Change my diaper. I got poopy on my hand." 

Good, she's at least being aware of when she goes and telling me rather than letting it get smooshed into a huge mess. Wait a second, hand?!

Please let this be imaginary poop on her hand, like she gets imaginary poop on her feet when she's changed, since her little brother gets real poop on his feet as he kicks around. 

I laid Gator down and followed my little girl, who was walking rather strangly, as if she was saddle sore. She was also holding out a dirty hand. Eww. As I started to clean her, I realized there was yucky brown stuff on her arm, leg, shirt, and shorts, in addition to all over her hand. Apparently she'd been sticking her hand down her diaper. Ewwwwwwwwwwwww

We did a change of venue and undressed her in the tub, where water was immediately run for a bath. This whole time, my little girl who was being so not talkative that morning was babbling on and on about her poop. This was quite an exciting thing for her and she seemed rather proud. She also told me, as we've told her, that she can wear her panties when she goes poopy and peepee on the potty all the time. It's amazing all the little tidbits that were coming out of her mouth. Anything that related to going to the bathroom, baths, etc. was talked about extensively. 

I'm still on the lookout for areas that may need decontaminated after this incident. Too bad there isn't a sanitize button for my house. 

And what was baby brother doing while I was attempting to clean up his sister? He filled his diaper too. He even exploded out his sposie onto my sheet. Sorry, bud, your sister outdid you this time.

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