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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Russell the Sheep

My awesome friend Stacia sent us what has become Violet's favorite book at the moment. Her parents like reading it (and rereading it and rereading it...) more than most children's books. It's cleverly illustrated and a fun book in general.

Russell, like my little girl, has trouble falling asleep. So he tries all sorts of things to fall asleep, but nothing works. We get to see what happens to poor Russell as he makes these misguided attempts to get comfortable. Someone seemed to identify with Russell and is fighting sleep a little less these days. 

"Russell Book" gets asked for almost every night. A stuffed frog of mine has been renamed Russell, too, which is a high honor. Very few of the baby dolls and stuffed animals in our house have names, and the ones that do tend to be named after important people in my daughter's life. 

One of my favorite things about Russell the Sheep is the illustrations. On every spread, there is a frog friend. He's easier to find on some pages than others, and sometimes we just go through the book and look for the frog. 

The illustrations and storyline of the book are such that my little girl can tell us the story, complete with favorite quotes ("hopping mad!"). She's never done that with a book before. 

We love this book and highly recommend it, especially for a two year old who has trouble falling asleep!

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