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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We've been busy.

Violet up and decided to start using the potty around mid-January went from almost never using it to almost always using it within days. I figured that would be how she'd do it, because that's how she is with skills, but still, it felt like she was never going to start using the potty regularly. It's very exciting, but it's a pain at the same time. She has some really interesting timing and will insist she doesn't have to go, then have to go RIGHT NOW when I'm in the middle of something.

Toddler ink (potty rewards)

Gator gets into EVERYTHING. He is a fast crawler and turning into more of an extreme crawler every day, climbing over, into, onto, and through things. He can stand up in the middle of the room and others have seen him try to take a step, but for the most part he's happy with his current locomotion.  And with the exception of a recent bout with croup that had him pretty miserable, he's a fairly happy, social guy.
He thinks it's great fun to crawl through the cat gate in the extra-tall baby gate. He'll go back and forth through it for some time...or he'll make a beeline for the trash can or cat food.

We've been busy with some major decluttering/organizing/fixing up the house, and a variety of other personal goals. So much has happened in the children's lives in the past month, and I'm a bit disappointed with myself for not blogging about it more. Because you know mama uses this as a cheat when she forgets to write things in the baby book...and it's fun to look back on the past. I'm hoping to squeeze in a lot more blog posts soon!

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recycling, sewing and saving money said...

She's using the potty! LUCKY! I'm going to start that soon( I hope)
gator will walk soon... you keep that camera on standby!