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Sunday, January 3, 2010

He doesn't want to eat what babies should eat...

Mmm, ribbon!

My baby boy is an interesting guy. He's at that age where EVERYTHING goes in his mouth. As his horizons widen, he's actually EATING more of the things he chews on. Sometimes I feel like a forensic scientist when I change his diaper. What on earth did Gator eat?!

So far, he loves to chew (and swallow) all sorts of paper products. Kleenex is a favorite, but paper towels and any sort of paper or cardboard are popular choices as well. If only he'd eat real food with the gusto that he gives tissues.

Like his sister, he will happily sample dry cat food. Unlike his sister, but like the obese kitty that used to live with us, he doesn't discriminate against predigested cat food. That's right. I nearly threw up yesterday as I was trying to get the cat puke off his face and out of his mouth.

And then I wonder why I am being so selective about what people foods I give him? Maybe I should say to heck with allergies, this kid will eat any sort of weird thing he can get in his mouth.

The list of foods he has eaten is an atypical mixture of things we've deliberately given him and things his sister left laying around. I think we may go straight to table foods and skip more purees, since he's far more interested in bigger people food.

He's eight months old today. I'm another year old. His milestone feels a bit more exciting to me at the moment.


sewingLIFEtogether said...

Happy birthday!
wow, time is flying by.. predigested cat food- YUCK.. guess it's better than his own poo...

Anne said...

Michelle, is that your new blogger id??

The "predigested" cat food wasn't fully was more like canned cat food. Crawlers will find cat puke that I miss, every time!

sewingLIFEtogether said...

yes, for now, I'm sure I'll change it again.. lol!

Benge Family said...

Cody liked dry beans. He would scream if he saw my jar of dried beans and I didn't give him some! I ended up having to move it to a higher cabinet once he learned where it was in the lower cabinet.

Erin, for some reason, liked to pick apart clean diapers (thank God for small favors!) and eat the insides!! She wouldn't touch dirty or wet ones, but if she got a hold of a clean one, it was all over!!