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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Kitty Cat Love

We have a very happy kitty tonight. We went to a wonderful local cat boutique and found him a Kickeroo that I knew he would love. We used to have cat body pillows, infused with catnip, and he loved those very much. The pillows are fun to wrap his front legs around and kick at with his hind legs, and then when he's worn out from playing, he lays his head on the pillow.

Now we know that Kong makes a product similar to the homemade ones my kitty used to enjoy. And...they are available online for a price that is very reasonable for the joy they instill in my cat.

My boy is enjoying his tiger pattern toy, which was the only option we saw. I see that Kong has three prints, and the price on Amazon varies slightly, if you're not partial to a particular one.

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