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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Why Super Why?

Do you know why my daughter has decided this Little People figure is "Super Why"??? It's not one of her usual PBS shows, but she's apparently seen it or at least a teaser for it a few times. A quick look at their website didn't enlighten me.


April said...

Please, I can't even venture a guess. But I love the creativity and free thought that she's obviously put into it!

Anne said...

April, you should see the scenarios these Little People and her other "friends" go through. She is definitely full of imagination and creativity!

This guy, though, seems to be a reference to a TV show that I just don't get the significance of. I DID understand what she was doing when she gave Super Why and others a ride in a pink dinosaur Easter basket and started calling it Dragon Tales.

zweetpeaz said...

Super Why is great! The kids are reading super hero's and they have to solve storybook "problems" by changing words in the sentence of the story.. really, you should watch it.. BTW, have you seem WordWorld? SO much fun!

Lindsey said...

Bennett loves Super Why. It's his new favorite

Anne said...

We've watched "Super Why" together a few times recently. I'm still confused as to why that particular Little People figure earned the name, but that is most definitely his name. (She's a little confused about which ones are supposed to be boys and girls.)

The only thing I can think of is that the glasses remind her of the mask??