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Monday, August 3, 2009

The "B"s vs. The Bees

Hubby was trimming bushes when he started jumping around and yelling all sorts of "colorful" words...much more than his usual potty mouth. He'd irritated some bees. One stung his ankle and he avoided another one that landed on the other leg. He got extra venom since we didn't immediately realize that there was a big stinger embedded in his ankle.

Violet was intrigued and didn't see to understand that it HURT Daddy. When he went back to finish clearing brush, she got a lot closer than I wanted her to. I was relieved when she headed further away from the bush...until she started running toward me screaming and swatting at her neck. Which had something dark on it. A bee. A live bee that was attached by the stinger to the delicate skin on her throat just under her jaw.

I panicked. I was holding Gator, closer to the danger zone than I wanted to be if I was going to set him on the grass, and I needed two hands. Violet was flailing around and grabbing at her throat and moving her head so she was crushing the bee more. I know from childhood experience that a bee in that kind of situation will keep stinging or even biting as it keeps feeling threatened.

Hubby got our daughter to lay down in the grass, tilted her chin back, and quickly removed the bee as I sort of freaked out at seeing my little girl screaming in pain that had made my usually stoic husband yelp and cuss in pain.

We got my little girl inside and her dad held her head so I could remove the stinger from her neck. She had a few stings, including two distinctive sting marks, one with a stinger still in it. Hubby was concerned with her first exposure being a multiple exposure and being on her neck, where localized swelling could compound any allergic reaction that could affect the airway.

She had Tylenol and is not happy but seems to be shrugging it off a lot better than her dad is. And we have a very funny-looking half-trimmed bush.

In other news, Gator is three months old today. Reflections on that coming soon.

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Heather said...

Ouch! Poor baby :(