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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Changes in Old Navy's Return Policy

FYI in case this slipped by you like it slipped by me.

Old Navy has changed their return policy for online orders. It used to be that when you returned items that were not eligible for in-store return, ON provided a free return shipping label. Sometime this month, that changed. It now costs $6 to use their label to return items. Or you can ship it yourself, which saved me a dollar this week. 

I've been disappointed by the shrinking maternity department at one of the few Old Navy stores that carries maternity. They have so few styles now, it's usually not worth the trip. But I have been happy with the online-only styles ON offers. The problem is, it's not as easy as taking things to the fitting room and finding out if they work or not. So I've made several orders during this pregnancy and end up returning something each time.  Maternity items are mail order return only. I miss being able to return them to any ON store like I could two years ago.

I'm happy with the shorts and tankini I recently purchased from them, but not as happy that I had to pay $5 to return the things that didn't fit or were not at all to my liking.

One more thing to watch for... you used to have 90 days to return orders. Now it's 45. I haven't shopped in store recently, but they probably shortened the return period there as well.

If you're shopping in store, check out for printable coupons.

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