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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day Deals!

Several blogs and retailers are offering specials to celebrate Earth Day today!

BABYLEGS:  I just ordered some Babylegs for my little ones and for future gifting needs. There are currently three styles on sale for just $2 per pair! AND $1 from each purchase goes to The Nature Conservancy. I was able to order multiples of two $2 styles and splurged on a pair of their new cool, sun protecting legs for summer. (I hate slathering on chemical sunscreens ALL the time, but my pale kids need sun protection even if we'll be outside for a short time, so we're going to give these a try.) I got free shipping on my order, too! I'm not sure if there was a minimum purchase to get that, but I was pretty happy with that shipping price. You also can save 20% on regularly-priced organic products with coupon code "Organic". (Edited to add: My order shipped an hour and a half after it was confirmed! I'm super-impressed!)

LEAKY B@@B:  The Leaky Boob is doing a special giveaway today! They usually do giveaways on Tuesdays, and have funny posts that breastfeeding (and breastfeeding-friendly) readers will appreciate. If you enter their contest, I'd appreciate it if you mentioned Anne @ The Violet Bee sent you...because then I get extra entries too!

AMAZON:  Amazon always has a "Go Green" shop. Go Green with They are promoting Earth Day today and the Planet Earth DVD collection is one of today's specials. I LOVE watching that.

I'm sure I'll find more to add, but as it is, I've had to stop and start several times, and I want to get these posted!

They're wearing cute planet-lover shirts, but you can't really see them here...

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Andrea said...

Hey Anne! I saw your comment on Clever Nesting about the pattern for the hexagons but couldn't find an email to you! The pattern is posted on my blog:! Hope that helps :)