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Friday, April 17, 2009

A great shopping trip!

We did a GREAT job saving at Target this week. Between in-store savings, manufacturers coupons from the newspaper, mail and, a Target baby mailer full of good coupons that I combined with manufacturer's coupons, and a shopping pass for 10% off, I saved $135 at Target! My bill, tax included, was $299. We stocked up on staples, toiletries, diapers, cereal, my favorite Easter candy, and more. 

The cashier, bagger, and I were all amazed by the savings. My husband, not so impressed. ("You spent $300?!?" The man has no idea how much stuff like toilet paper, diapers, and his favorite snack foods cost and pays a lot more on the rare occassion that he picks some up.)

Highlights included 4 cans of Gillette shaving cream for about $2. Two packs were $3.99 each, and when you bought two you got a $5 Target gift card. I had a $1 off coupon from the P&G brandsaver coupon insert. I didn't need the second pack of shaving cream yet, but since spending another $4 got me a $5 gift card, I bought it. I also bought two packs of Always Infinity pads for postpartum needs. I had $4 in coupons from the P&G brandsaver and buying two packages got me another $5 gift card. And I combined a $5 off manufacturer's coupon for Huggies Gentle Care with a $2 off Target coupon to get diapers for the new baby at an amazing price!

I'm most excited about my stockpile of Cadbury Creme Eggs for half price plus the extra 10% off. I've managed to get them 75% off at the grocery in the past, but some years I can barely find any. I loooooove that candy.

My 10% off shopping day was earned with my Target Visa, aka Red Card. For every $1000 you spend at Target (or $2000 elsewhere), you earn a 10% off shopping pass good for an entire day. I LOVE Target and buy most of our household basics there, along with quite a few grocery items, and all of that really adds up. When I have a discount day, I stock up on a few months' worth of toiletries and bigger purchases I've been waiting on. That big shopping trip puts me that much closer to my next discount day. AND Target donates 1% of my Target spending (0.5% of other spending) to the school of my choice. I may not write checks to my alma mater, but I do give them money...

That great savings trip was with a tired toddler in tow. Just imagine the savings if I'd gotten out by myself when I could concentrate and pick up a few more things!

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