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Friday, February 6, 2009

Babies having babies

My daughter told me she was pregnant tonight.

She's almost two, so I'm not taking the revelation too seriously, but still, no one wants to hear they will be a grandparent at my age, real or imaginary.

We've been trying to teach her to be nice to Mommy's belly (no jumping on it!) and otherwise prepare her for big sisterhood. Earlier tonight, she pointed to my stomach and said "There's a baby in there." Or more exactly, "Deres a baby in dere." That was quite a sentence and deduction for her to say it unprompted.

Later tonight, she saw my belly and I asked what was in it and she told me. A short time later, she lifted up her shirt and rubbed her belly, saying "baby in belly" as she pointed to HERS rather than mine. I said that's your belly, but the baby is in Mommy's belly. NO, she said, "me baby in belly."

Her daddy was quite surprised by the news.


Mike Banks said...

I can't wait til her grandparents learn that they'll be great-grandparents!

Cookswife said...

Awww! My son D does the same thing. Cept he "pats" (violently with an open hand) saying "baby!" I was SO worried when his brother was born that he would slap him :) But nope... still just with the bellies... lol! May you have many many years ahead before you hear those words for real :)