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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Great holiday deals on Amazon!

We've just added some holiday purchases, some we weren't planning on getting til the prices went so low. Sometimes shopping last minute has its advantages!

These items are all excellent deals as I write this post...but prices can change quickly, so please do your research before buying if you're not sure what these usually sell for. And as always, if you plan on buying these or anything else on Amazon, I'm very grateful if you click one of my links to start your shopping ;)

My daughter is obsessed with the babies at the store that have carriers, beds, etc. For $8, I couldn't resist this dolly in her carrier.

And for my budding photographer who won't keep her hands off Mommy's cameras, a real camera that actually shows her pictures on the back. She LOVES looking at pictures on the computer screen or camera preview monitor. 

I saw these were pretty affordable at the moment and told my husband I was thinking she'd enjoy one at some point. He surprised me by thinking they were a great idea, and thought it'd cost more but wanted to get her one. He brought up her taking pictures of her new sibling in May, and that evoked warm and fuzzy thoughts.

The Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera Blue was what initially caught my eye, especially since it was $10 less when I was looking at them. But after reading reviews and looking at how the buttons were laid out, I decided to go for the Kidizoom instead, even at $10 more. If we're going to have this camera for years, it will be worth the difference. I DO like the frustration-free packaging available on the Kid-Tough camera.

I'm sitting on my hands on this next one... the Melissa and Doug easel for half price! $30 instead of $60! But she's a little young for it and it takes up a lot more space than that camera does...

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